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Kin 144, Solar Moon 17 (March 23, 2014) marks the 3 year anniversary of the passing of Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan. You are invited to telepathically synchronize with us at 11:11 a.m. (Pacific Time)through the rainbow bridge meditation to send a telepathic signal of appreciation to our star family and in honor of the galactic intelligence brought forth by Valum Votan on behalf of the upliftment of all sentient beings.

(Kin144(2014年3月23日)はホゼの三回忌でした。貴方は米国の午前11時11分の虹の瞑想を通して我々の星の家族にテレパシックなシグナルを送るようにそして向上する感覚的な存在を代表する Valum Votan から誉れ高い銀河の知性がもたらされるようにテレパシックなシンクロに招待されています。)

●288 Synchronicity
Recently I went on a 26-day meditation retreat in the mountains of Colorado. Arriving at the cabin on Kin 68, I was told that on that morning 2 golden eagles appeared (sign of star Sirius—as described in The Knowledge Book). When we drove up to the gate I noticed the address on the gate: 288. This sent deep ripples through my etheric body and I felt this was a code to pay attention to.
288 (144 × 2) is the number that refers to the polar harmonic of light. In other words, it is the planetary sphere from whose poles emanate the auric rainbow light (144 North Pole/144 South Pole).


The harmonic of polar light—288—is the harmonic of noospheric stabilization of the Earth through supermental attunement to the synchronic order. —Valum Votan

●7-year Solar Angels: Benevolent Sirian Surveillance 1+2+3+4+5+6+7 = 28. Everything is by the power of 7.

As we saw from previous blogs, in these next seven years (2013-2020) we are opening 7 Light Gates that are guarded by 7 solar angels.
The third Solar Angel spreads its wings in the Planetary Wizard year (2015-2016) 2016 = 7 x 288! The Synchronotron Kin equivalent of 2016 is 196, Yellow Magnetic Warrior, third resurrected generation, and Bode number of Uranus. The 7th solar angel comes to Light in the Magnetic Wizard year (2019-2020),




The Sun is the Key and is the interdimensional portal and transmutation chamber for commands from the higher star councils such as Sirius.

We are currently in a 4-year process of holographic alignment: From the inception of the new galactic beam (2013) to the flowering of the beam as Universal Awareness in the Crystal Seed year. (Note: Telektonon prophecy of Pacal Votan was complete on Crystal Seed in In the First Year of Prophecy, Kin 144)
This is followed by the Red Cosmic Moon year (2018-2019), year of the Cosmic Healer, where we transcend entirely the flow of the old order catapulting Timeship Earth into an entirely new force-field as we take magic flight into the Magnetic Wizard (2019-2020).

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